Barak Leizerovitch


Partner manager and director at the WE Insurance and Finance broker agency,

and at Alternative Investment House All-season.

Holds an insurance and finance agent license from the Ministry of Finance and EFPA Financial Planner.

He has a rich experience of over 20 years of activity in the fields of private, pension, institutional and financial insurance for individuals and companies.

Served as a leading sales manager and professional supervisor in the insurance and pension corporations Migdal Group and the Menora Mivtachim Group in which he handled, visited and supervised hundreds of insurance agents and financial planner.

WE Insurance Agency is a privately owned agency that works with all insurance and pension bodies in Israel and deals with all insurance, pension, finance and investment industries.

The agency acts as a broker in front of all the institutional bodies and in this way constitutes a trustee who acts for the benefit of the insured, the owner of the business or the organization without obligation to this or that insurance corporation.

All Seasons is an Alternative investment house whose goal is to bring maximum return to the customer while minimizing risks and adjusting to the life goals of the saver, family or business.

The investment house has a number of funds that specialize mainly in high-yield investment industries that are characterized by hard demand, with no correlation to the traditional capital and real estate market.