Israel and Ireland signed a treaty of avoidance double taxation back in 1995. Ireland is one country among 55 countries that have already signed a treaty with Israel. The double taxation treaty Ireland-Israel allows both Irish and Israeli companies to avoid double taxation payments while doing business with the other country according to the agreement.


Double taxation treaty Ireland-Israel       

The treaty sets guidelines agreed by the government of both states for business trade between Irland and Israel for Irish residents and Israeli residents.

The scope of the treaty includes taxation and fiscal-related issues such as income taxes, corporate taxes, Israeli tax and Irish tax, dividends, capital gain, transfer prices, etc.

Including the business entities, which entitle to the benefits under this agreement and under which circumstances they will enjoy the benefits and will avoid double taxation for their activity in the other country.

As well as the exchange of information between the countries to avoid fiscal evasion.

The Israeli and Irish companies should comply with the definitions in the treaty to enjoy the benefits that the double taxation treaty has to offer.


Ireland-Israel chamber of commerce 

The Ireland-Israel chamber of commerce is here to bridge and to provide you with the information you need to have a business trade activity in both Ireland and Israel according to Israeli and Irish law, and according to the double taxation treaty, and other taxation requirements of the local law and before the relevant authorities in both countries. To bridge gaps, assist and direct your business to strengthen the trade relation between Ireland-Israel. 

Our team is here to support, assist, and connect you with the relevant companies, partners, professional services, etc. 

The Ireland-Israel chamber of commerce main purpose is for both Irish and Israeli business entities to have the tools to grow their business in both Irland and Israel. To have a strong, active, and stable business trade communication based on trust and support the Irish and Israeli economy.

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