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Chamber of Commerce Subsidized Consulting Services

Provided by Members of the Chamber

The Israel Ireland Chamber of Commerce (“the Chamber”) is proud to present below a list of subsidized consulting services provided by the Chamber in order to encourage and support Irish companies that are interested in breaking into and succeeding in the Israeli market, or are interested in developing cooperation or business activities within Israel.

The services listed below are provided by Chamber members as initial business consulting and support services in the variety of their areas of expertise. These services include:

  1. Corporate Consulting
  2. Compliance Consulting
  3. Israeli Taxation – Corporate and Individual
  4. International Taxation
  5. Labor Law, Employment, and Visa Consulting Services
  6. Financial Services
  7. Transfer Pricing – Consulting, Documentation, and Tax Audit Support
  8. Valuation Services
  9. Insurance Consulting, Customs, Import, and Export
  10. Locating Knowledge, Innovation, R&D, and Technology
  11. Market Research, Marketing, and Sales Consulting Services
  12. Business Development Consulting
  13. Mergers and Acquisitions Consulting
  14. Fiscal Representation
  15. Assistance In Winning Tenders, Locating Local Partners, and Suppliers and Distributors
  16. Corporate Israeli Law Consulting
  17. Commercial Israeli Law Consulting (including Contract Law, M&A, Legal Due Diligence, etc.)
  18. Franchise Development Consulting
  19. Pension and Financial Consulting
  20. Operation of Factory and Private Insurance Systems
  21. Property, Business, Employer, and Third Party Insurance
  22. Alternative Investments
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