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Our Vision:

The Israel-Ireland Chamber of Commerce is a dual-national, non-profit organization.
The objective of the Chamber of Commerce is to develop the commercial relations between Israel and Ireland through initiating, promoting, organizing, and developing bilateral trade; by the promotion of industrial cooperation and joint economic projects; and by encouraging tourism between the two nations.

The members of the Chamber board are highly experienced in business and have a deep and extensive business network in both countries. They are actively working to promote the vision of the Israel-Ireland Chamber of Commerce to tighten up the business, commercial, and personal quality relations between the countries.

The team of the Chamber of Commerce works to develop the businesses of the Ireland-Israel Chamber of Commerce members, as well as assistance and support of Irish companies who are cooperating or have joint business activities with Israeli companies or are interested in conducting business in Israel.

Israel-Ireland Chamber of Commerce’s business network, its members, and the bodies, organizations, and companies are working together in collaboration with the Chamber’s activities to promote common interests between the two countries that are moving forward and deepening the ties of states. We believe in the tremendous potential of Israel-Ireland relations and work to fulfill this great opportunity in diverse business areas: technology, industry, culture, business, and environment.

Israel is considered a world leading entrepreneurial and innovative state, having been rewarded the title “The Startup Nation”. The country has produced a great interest from the global technology market, together with countless successes that have already been seen in the international business arena.

The combination of Israel’s innovation with the benefits of Ireland’s location as a central location in Europe is producing a foundation for collaborations and joint business activities in the fields of technology and innovation of which the Chamber is interested and desires to promote. This fertile ground and common interest in these areas provide stable foundations to establish connections in fields such as biotech, pharma, technology, agriculture, green energy, and more.

The technological hubs in Israel provide an infrastructure for advanced developments and a global target of interest and attraction for many international technology companies. The wide and green fields of Ireland are a destination with extensive agricultural potential, a land of opportunity for advanced developments, which together constitutes a broad basis for Israel-Ireland business.

Israel-Ireland’s Chamber of Commerce is actively working to implement cooperation between Israel and Ireland among business people, entrepreneurs, companies, and organizations in a variety of fields to establish a network. At the same time and in addition to these activities, The Chamber of Commerce produces events and encourages personal meetings to serve these audiences’ interests and to promote these business motives.

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