Tali Kessler

Vice President


Tali Kessler, Advocate, MBA & Notary is a founding partner at Rechnitz, Kessler & Co.

Tali is a Member of the Israel Bar Association since 1997 and a licensed notary.

Tali is vastly experienced in the field of commercial law, including mergers and acquisitions, real estate law, contracts law, corporate law, as well as ongoing legal consultation for companies and businesses in a variety of fields:

  • Complex commercial transactions including all aspects of mergers and acquisitions, financing and acquisition of activity; commercial agreements; technology and intellectual property; media and communications; franchise law;
  • Complex real estate transactions comprising regulatory, legal, planning, taxation and commercial aspects;
  • Wide experience in representing construction projects, credit and risk assessments as well as financing;
  • All forms of litigation (court appearances) in civil and commercial law;
  • Estates and wills;